Facebook Blocks Best-Selling Author of “Scandalous” Obama Book

Liberal-controlled social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook insist that they don’t censor conservative voices… but several recent incidents have some critics questioning that claim.

One of the most recent conservatives to sound the alarm about possible social media blacklisting is Matt Margolis, the author of several books critical of Barack Obama.

His first book, “The Worst President in History,” sold well and received rave reviews, thanks in part to a smart Facebook campaign. Naturally, Margolis tried to follow up that success with another hit… but this time he ran into a snag.

“When he tried to market his latest, ‘The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama,’ he was banned from Facebook groups for six days with no explanation,” stated PJ Media.

The conservative author reportedly created an ad and brief spiel for his book. When he tried to post to several right-leaning groups, however, he was quickly blocked by Facebook.

“Shockingly, Margolis paid for this ad to be ‘boosted’ throughout Facebook using the advertiser program they offer. Facebook had no problem taking his money for this ad but banned him directly after he posted it to several groups,” explained PJ Media.

“The groups he sent it to were all conservative-friendly groups that normally welcome such announcements and buy conservative books.”

When PJ Media reached out to Facebook for an explanation, the social media giant explained its position, but its explanation didn’t jibe with what PJ Media found, PJ Media reported.

“A spokesperson for Facebook told PJM that Margolis had shared his advertisement to too many groups in one hour and that several had deleted the post, leading to the ban,” the media outlet explained.

“But upon investigation,” PJ Media reported, “Margolis found none of the groups in which he shared the post appeared to have deleted his post and, in fact, they have had discussions in the comments sections.”

Margolis was cautious not to accuse Facebook of malicious activity without having all the information, but indicated that he was worried about anti-conservative bias.

“I hate to think I’m being censored, and hope that’s not the case,” Margolis said, “but Facebook’s reputation makes that possibility hard to ignore.”

“We’re seeing companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google actively censoring conservative ideas on their platforms. It is hardly far-fetched that big-tech censorship wouldn’t include a book that doesn’t fit the narrative they support,” he summarized.

His frustration comes at the same time that Twitter is facing serious scrutiny over undercover video that appeared to show them admitting to stealthily “shadow banning” conservative users.

“James O’Keefe just released videos of Twitter executives admitting to ‘shadow banning’ conservative content creators and even those who are associated with conservative sites,” stated PJ Media.

“Bridget Johnson, PJ Media’s  D.C. editor and terrorism expert, has been banned from Twitter since November, and just the other day Facebook admitted they censored conservative author Jon Del Arroz by ‘mistake’,” continued that outlet.

With great power comes great responsibility. Like it or not, companies like Facebook have become gatekeepers on social media… and hopefully, they will take the responsibility to protect diverse speech seriously.

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Source: Facebook Blocks Best-Selling Author of “Scandalous” Obama Book