Welcome to our internet version of enough is enough! You may find yourself surrounded by negativity and safe spaces – hurt feelings and virtue signaling. Well not here baby!

We are the Silent Majority. We believe every individual has the power to make the future. This is our American dream and we are here to help you break free from the BS. Swaddle your body in American style – it’s like Garlic to Vampires. Snowflakes will melt right away from you and haters will brush themselves away.

God Bless America!

About our name - 4sixand2


Jesus Christ is said to have had a forty-six & two chromosome composition, hence the term "Christ Consciousness" which is believed to be the result of forty-six & two chromosomes. Of course, the idea of him having such a number of chromosomes and that being the source of his abilities is all theoretical.

A theoretical composition of chromosomes reserved for the next level of evolution of our genetic consciousness, and is meant to be on a more spiritual level. This is said to result in power and ability that far surpasses all mankind as we know it, and is a step towards 'perfection'. Our (99.9% of mankind) current genetic makeup contains 44 and 2 chromosomes.

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